“Reverend Jane McNeil has an affinity with Angels making her an accurate Angel Reader. Years of experience as a nutritionist have honed Jane’s skills of getting to the heart of the matter. From there, she calls in the perfect Angels to bring clarity, awareness, love, release, and healing to any situation. Jane’s desire is truly to provide clear guidance with the Angels’ Benediction of peace and joy. Her pure heart is refreshing. I highly recommend Jane.”

-Reverend Kimberly Marooney, PhD

“As the mother of a teenager, a devoted wife and the manager of my husband’s business; I found myself asking, “What about ME?”. Jane was able to give me the guidance and reassurance I needed to move forward. I used the information obtained from my reading every single day. Any time spent with Jane is well worth it! What an awesome experience!”

-T.B.S., North Carolina

“It was stupendous. I can see the clarification in my life from this session and a better vision of what the coming months and years will offer to me. You really helped to clarify my thoughts and I am excited about the guidance and direction that will ensue as a result. This experience was life-changing in a very good way. Jane confirmed my life’s new direction. She is a true jewel in the crown of life.”

-Paul H. Barfield, North Carolina

“Jane is an amazing Angel Counselor! I have been to many readers, advisors, communicators, etc and Jane is by far one of the best I have ever had the privilege to meet. I felt her beautiful energy as soon as she entered the room. Her angel workshop was comfortable yet powerful in spiritual energy. I recommend that everyone attend at least one to experience it for yourself. Keep your eyes and ears open as you will receive messages that will leave you in awe and make you a believer, if you’re a skeptic.”

-Many Blessings, Tracy Blair, New Jersey